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The memory of tradition

There is one colour that evokes the magic of the landscape, countryside and tradition of Tuscany more than any other: the red terracotta of Impruneta.

It's an extraordinary and natural product, the result of ages-old experiens and craft dexterity, combined with the qualities of a material that is inimitable as regards quality and resistence: the "galestro" of Impruneta.

The floors of the most beautiful villas in Chianti and the jars of the most suggestive farms are all made it.

With the same style of simple elegance and destined to last for ages, the terracotta products manufactured by Archeo preserve and hand down the taste of true tradition.

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Amphores and Jars - Pots - Wall Pots - Cylinders, Cachepot and Bowls
Box - Ornaments - Fountains - Bases, Feets and Saucers - Animals

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