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1) Are Archeo products frost resistant?

Absolutely, because they are exclusively handcrafted and made from fine Impruneta clay.
These two factors are the basis of the frost resistance of our products. The raw material is extremely rich in resistant minerals, while working the clay by hand endows it with a high porosity and consequent high breathability.
We recommend, however, that you always assure there is good drainage of water from the hole at the bottom of our terracotta products, in order to avoid water stagnation and the formation of ice during winter.

2) Why does the same colour sometimes vary in tonality?

The characteristic pink colour of our items, because they are handcrafted, can vary due to many factors such as the particular batch of clay used, the weather conditions during production and drying of the product and the humidity percentage inside our laboratory, which varies according to season.

3) Are the measurements and weight always the same?

Due to the fact that our products are crafted by hand, their quoted measurements and weight must always considered an indicative guide, because the products are never perfectly alike.

4) How long does it take to produce an item?

We try to constantly maintain our warehouse full with a complete inventory throughout the year, but we are not always able to guarantee prompt supply, especially at times of the year when demand is greatest. If this is the case, we will give you an estimate of production time, which may vary according to the amount and type of item required.

5) Why can white deposits sometimes appear?

The Impruneta clay used for the production of our items is particularly rich in mineral salts, especially calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Under certain climatic conditions and in the presence of certain chemical substances in soils, whitish crystallizations can form on the surfaces of the vessels. These phenomena will decrease over time and the vessels will gradually acquire the charming appearance typical of ancient vases that distinguishes Impruneta terracotta.

6) Who arranges shipping?

Shipping is always arranged by the customer. At the time of the order, we will provide details on the packaging volume and weight for calculation of delivery costs.

7) How do I repot?

To repot plants in our vessels, we recommend the following procedure:

- Loosely place a shard of stone or piece of terracotta over the bottom hole.
- Fill the bottom of the pot with 5-10 cm of drainage material such as expanded clay or fine gravel.
- Fill with potting soil and insert the plant at the correct height.
- Position the vase preferably raised above the ground, on some of the supports in production, in order to facilitate good drainage.



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